Elf Valley - RPG Fantasy Adventure mobile game

Elf Valley - RPG Fantasy Adventure mobile game

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Elf Valley is an RPG Fantasy Adventure mobile game that takes players into the medieval fantasy world. Mixed with the fantasy beyond imagination!

The land of the legend is a land rich with natural resources.

People lived a peaceful life. In the game, the human race, the elf race, the archangel, the dwarf and different tribes join together for the purpose of justice once again.

Players will enter this world as the Heavenly Person's choice. Became an ambassador of noble light Save the land Fight the devil Embark on an adventure in a world where everywhere is dangerous.

The story begins now, this trip will be a very happy and memorable trip. The destiny of destiny dictates us to meet. What do we have to go through later?

Elf Valley characteristics:
【I will protect the forest and you】
「Calm down, shaken because of you」 Super Tech Knit 2.5D. Making characters and NPCs no longer restricted Has a beautiful appearance and can be adjusted as you like Storyline with sound effects Create a virtual image Feeling warm and happy at first sight

【Adventure with friends Start a new trip】
「Willing to become a weapon in your hand. Remove all obstacles for you! 」The companion had a 12-step appearance. Many beautiful fashion sets Buddy upgrades can also get strong defensive skills. Unbeatable Battle Power Hurry up and start your adventure trip with your partner. Let's protect the forest together!

【Knights Guild waits for you】
「Everywhere can be seen there must be a partner」 Build the busiest guild with close friends. Every Thursday there is also a league activity across the surf, with many hitting, retreating, enemies, friends Join guild activities Get a lot of EXP and guild bonus. Everyone grows together Make good memories!

【God incarnated with mysterious power】
「I wish I could only be by your side for the rest of my life」 The Sacred Heart School had many disciples, the light that was born from the prayers of the disciples. Making the gods incarnate in this world Give mysterious power to common people Every angel's envoy has 4 kinds of unique skills. Wash away all the evil energy on this earth.

【Team up with friends against BOSS, the devil dragons】
「The dragon is about to recover. A group of knights looking for their traces 」A long time ago, the dragon tribe was eliminated by the honor army. But rumor has it that The devil dragon is not extinct. The devil dragon's last bloodline was about to recover. The one who awakens it will own it. The knights were ordered to destroy the dark forces!

【Creative work Happy memories】
「Adventure time in the forest With you by your side 」The scene is cute. Exciting story Just slide your finger gently. Various levels. New play system. It's fun until you can't stop!

※ This game contains images of combat, attacks that are not bloody. Or horror pictures
※ Please play the game to your satisfaction. According to the ability to play games And avoid excessive spending
※ Playing the game for a long time impacts normal work and rest, as well as proper exercise.
We are happy to help fix every problem you face with the game. And welcome to contact us anytime!
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