Emblem Seal

Emblem Seal

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  • - Required Android: Varies with device
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  • - Published/Updated Date: November 20, 2019


Getting tired of the old version? Don’t worry, this game is remastered in your mobile devices. Now you can play it whenever you want. Let you relive the thrills of the hit GBA and SFC series right alongside Lyn, Hector, Ike and all your favorite!

Emblem Seal Features :
 Easy tap and drag controls
Players can command a range of allies action with intuitive tap-and-flick controls. Just need 3 to 5 minutes, you can finish the battle quickly. Best to enjoy during your odd moments. There are auto modes inside, don’t worry, it’s a casual game for everyone to get started easily.

 Sharpen Your Tactics!
Be careful! Sometimes even one move and the smart use of your hero’s skills can drastically turn the tide of the battle! Don’t give up until the last moment. Participate in this turn-based battles and use your strategies and tactics to triumph over enemies.

 Diverse upgrade system
The upgrade system includes levelup, awaken, merge and promotion. You can even inherit other heroes’ skills to another hero to design a unique hero of your own. Summon your heroes, and then upgrade your heroes, those who with the highest power will enter the ranking list and be worshiped by other players.

 Play a massive and epic story
This huge series of intertwining story lines is written with over 1 Million words! In this rewritten story, you will witness the revenge from Princess Fjorm, the smirk from the Flame King, Eliwood’s seeking for his lost father and also the return of Lyndis and Hector. This time, you will rewrite these heroes’ legends.

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