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  • - Published/Updated Date: August 28, 2020


Play EMPIRE ISLAND and Plan, build, produce, trade, and form an army to eventually conquer the world!

In EMPIRE ISLAND, you will establish your own territory, plan its layout, construct buildings, oversee production, gather resources, process a variety of materials, engage in trade, and recruit a variety of Hero partners—all in order to eventually establish a mighty trade route and conquer the world!

Heroes There are a variety of Heroes, each with unique skills.
Some excel at leading troops in battle, others at cooking and building, still others excel at production and crafting—and you can recruit them all to assist the development of your territory!

Production From raw logs to prepared lumber; from wood to furniture; from planting wheat to baking bread; from excavating ore to smelting metal; from weaving clothes to forging armor—it's all there for you to craft! Trade Gathering, producing, crafting, transporting, and trading!

Whether from the village to the city or from the frozen tundra to the blistering desert—establish a mighty trade route and earn endless wealth!

Kingdoms Do not fear being alone! Establish a mighty kingdom together with your friends, striving arm-in-arm for supremacy! On the journey of world domination, your kingdom will stand to support and defend you.

You will trust each other with life and death, sharing in both honor and disgrace—all to conquer the world!

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