Endless War

Endless War

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  • Required Android: 10+
  • Installs: Varies with device
  • Published/Updated Date: October 19, 2018


On the magic land, the ancient demon God Baroque, the God of death Gordon, the sea monster Hitra and other plots for rebirth. In order to prevent the revival of the devil gods, the spirits from all over the world gathered in the Hall of the Heroes, looking for a new generation of heroes against the devil gods believers, fighting against the evil forces! For a time, war is going on, and evil is going to collide. Swordsman, sorcerer, Archer at any time, the war horn has sounded. And you will be the most powerful hero in this continent.

New occupation: archers are gorgeous and open, and career choices are more!

The new red quality equipment is open, the equipment that can be upgraded can make you stronger!

Triangle Open: After meeting certain conditions in the game, the three professional roles can be trained, and you no longer have to struggle to choose which career to choose.

Transfer: Still worrying about not having content to play when you're full, the new Transfer system gives you more challenges!

Function of camp: join the camp in the three camps, and dedicate a force to your camp.

Single BOSS: challenge BOSS to win rich rewards according to its own strength level.

Multiplayer BOSS: strive for the BOSS's affiliation, and the player who hurts the highest will have the only super reward.

Cross-dress ladder: Participate in cross-dress competition, the reward is generous; For your district clothes to win the Supreme honor, but also weekly settlement issued the only title!

Featured Title: hundreds of top cool titles, not only dazzling, but also accessories high combat strength!

More features: body strengthening, lifting the wings and many other functions, waiting for you to explore!

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