Endora RPG (Demo)

Endora RPG (Demo)

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The Duchy of Monreal, on the brink of anarchy, lives the worst period of its history. Duke Casimir, the only heir after his father's death, has never been able to manage a people.

His only concerns are the parties at the Palace, the open air banquets in the gardens of Monreal, and the hunting expeditions near the Imperial Fields to which almost daily he dedicates himself.

All this at the expense of a people forced to pay higher and higher taxes to appease its vices. Many rebels, but the Duke has a large army on his side, and despair and courage are not enough to fight it.

Despite this, among the various outbreaks of guerrilla scattered in the Duchy, the groups of rebels manage to prevail in some areas, creating small coves where they hide in the eyes of the Duke.

This creates a stalemate, with the Ducal faction engaged in the various villages to keep the rebels at bay, which in turn make their way through the confusion to recover what belongs to them, as they are justified every time a ship or a caravan ends up in their hands after violent clashes.

But while the common men are busy fighting their heresies in what is a war of vices and folly, some ancient writings come to light that mentions a mysterious object ... the "Crystal of Lapis", an ancient stone of an earlier civilization , and its fragments, the "Fragments of Lapis", which according to some would have led to a boundless wealth.

The thirst for gold has amplified his madness of Duke Casimir, who decides to entrust to his Generals the arduous task of finding and recovering those ancient fragments.

On the other hand, even the rebels are aware of those objects, and in their small, they decide to try to look for them and give a hope to their people.

Among them is Dorian, a loyal and skilled adventurer devoted to the cause of the Rebels, who thanks to his courage will be able to carve out the main role in what will transform an adventure to the limits of human understanding when the artifacts reveal their dark side.

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