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  • - Required Android: 10+
  • - Installs: 35M
  • - Published/Updated Date: December 7, 2018


Assume the role of a powerful Shadow Monk and delve deep into the mysterious realm of Eventide. In this fast-paced action game,

you will have to master the power of the dash if you want to make it out alive and restore peace and order to the World.

Eventide Feature :
• No in-game purchases – only your skill and the game
• Fast, reaction-based combat
• Refined controls for optimal player empowerment
• Everchanging levels keep the playing field of Eventide evolving and exciting
• Difficult, but fair gameplay
• Harness the power of the dash to chain great combos together
• Environmental storytelling with deep lore
• An exciting and emotionally powerful soundtrack will keep you on your toes
• The stunning, unique and minimalistic art style


Dennis Schau Andersen, Principal Programmer
Artúr Barnabás, Programmer
Louise Linea Gauhl Bentsen, Game Director
Jesper Vang Christensen, Programmer
Mads Hemdrup, Lead QA & UR Manager
Sune Hvidt, Game Designer
Peter Kejser Jensen, Level Designer
Mille Hafnar Johnsen, Art Director
Jonas Lauridsen, Audio Designer
Giovanni Lombardo, QA & UR Manager
Mathias Maach Madsen, CG Artist
Kaspar Pawlak, Programmer
Christian Pedersen, Lead Programmer
Kasper Møberg Rasmussen, Programmer
Mikkel Søgaard, CG Artist & Technical Artist
Thor Vest Tidemand, Project Manager
Christian Wortmann, Programmer

Mikkel Damgaard Vindum, QA & UR Team Manager

Christian Bodskov
Thomas Boelt
Anders Brygger
Kristian Ehmsen
Simon Fjordvald
Christian Fæster
Lars Jensen
Anne Knudsen
Daniel Kranker
Thomas Noes Mikkelsen
Tobias Rosenbeck Nedergaard
Jannik Neerdal
Nicklas Bo Nielsen
Helene Høgh Nielsen
Alexander Rasmussen
Eike Schneiders

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