Ever Song

Ever Song

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  • - Required Android : 5.0 and up
  • - Total Installs : 500+
  • - Published Date : May 5, 2023
  • - Categorie : Role Playing

Welcome to the strange fantasy world of Eversong: Fairy Tale Rebellion!

Brand new mobile MMORPG with a very unique fairy tale fantasy world setting! Possessing beautiful graphics with a lovely chibi style, it will surely captivate any adventurer, especially those who are passionate about beauty and fashion.

Adventure to Eversong, a land where fairy-tale characters like Snow White, Cinderella, Little Match Girl, ... live together.

But this is not the magical fairy world that we are familiar with. It has many hidden dangers waiting to be discovered and conquered.

Don't worry, adventurers are not alone on this adventure!

There will always be friends in the fairy-tale world to accompany you through the adventurous adventures and discover the mystery of Eversong.

Let's see, there is something fascinating waiting for adventurers to discover in the fantasy world of Eversong: Fairy Tale Rebellion!

Parody fairy world adventure
Not dreamy like a wonderland, nor too dark like a Grimm fairy tale, Eversong's fantasy world has its own rebellious personality and style.

Still the familiar characters, but more independent and brave. They are willing to stand up to face challenges, take risks to protect themselves and claim justice for themselves.

The Funnest - Youngest - Muddy Community in the game village
What's more fun than playing games with friends?

Eversong: Rebellion has many activities to help strengthen teamwork such as: adventure to kill the boss and rescue the princess in the adventure extras, guild activities and win many benefits, participate in proms to show off.

Show your own style.

5 supplementary classes - Transfer freely
What is your personality?

Choose a class that best suits your personality out of 5 classes: Warrior, Witch, Hunter, Musician and Assassin.

Each class will have its own unique characteristics and the ability to overcome each other. Combined with a diverse skill set with 2 class transfers, adventurers can easily transform in specific PVE and PVP activities.

Teammates side by side
In addition to friends in the Eversong: Rebellion community, adventurers also get to be friends with very special companions, which are familiar fairy characters such as Snow White, Little Red Riding Hood. , Cinderella,...

Each character possesses different skills that, when combined, will create great strength, a great support for adventurers to overcome challenges when adventuring in this fantasy world. .

Enjoy the true fairy life
Own your own splendid castle and decorate it to your liking, expressing your personality and unique taste.

If you like interesting community activities, go with your teammates to overcome the village, participate in state activities, participate in proms, ...

Or if you like the leisurely gameplay, you can completely plant trees. , fishing, food processing and household items. Play according to your own nature!