Evil Girl kid: Child scary Ganny Game 2020

Evil Girl kid: Child scary Ganny Game 2020

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  • - Required Android: 4.1 and up
  • - Installs: 10+
  • - Published/Updated Date: November 30, 2019


The scary Girl child can take the form of his doll or as a ghost scary child, making it especially difficult to face him as ghost scary child or evil girl kid as granny. She is psychopath and can bite, kick, scratch, and hurt you like scary child girl. You have to defeat her to undo the little magic of little granny in the whole house and free the child from the ghost.

You can collect various items during different levels of the kid game, Girl evil kid is wandering in haunted evil stepmother house, collect items stored in your inventory and do not collect evil toys, she can show you herself as good evil, but don’t confuse as evil little girl is too dangerous, Items can be used in next levels for survival the kid evil game. If Scary Child girl bites you, you will be dead in evil little game. You can restart the level to survive yourself in evil girl kid game. Find the keys to exit for different rooms and of this haunted house full of scary doll creature. Complete all the missions step by step to destroy the Little kid evil. Don’t make noise otherwise Scary Girl Child will hear the sound, come out and kill you.
Try to silently escape from this neighborhood before the horror evil child scary catches you from behind and grabs. She has trapped you badly in this haunted house and you need to find out how to escape from this horror story of child granny. All the doors are closed and you don’t have keys of any of the doors to run away from this evil baby in Child scary girl. This is the spooky old house of evil baby kid where you don’t want to be trapped for more than a minute now because there is no light inside the scary house of evil scary doll, has evil toys for you, and it getting darker and darker outside also due to child scary girl.
Souls are locked in different objects like Secret Potions to give her the message of your presence in this haunted house of evil baby girl, child scary girl is getting wild with the time is tickling over the clock. You can hide under the bed and inside the cabinets of this haunted house place of evil baby girl. Every time you release a soul granny knows where you are the little granny can find you..
Let’s install and enjoy the scare of child scary girl!!

Features Evil Girl kid: Child scary Ganny Game 2020:

1. Ultimate Darkest Hours and darkest house of evil spirits.
2. Unmute Child scary girls and evil dolls in house.
3. Stunning Haunted house place for survival missions.
4. Strategical work for you to survive, Use your brain at right time

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