Exoplanet Settlers - Space Strategy

Exoplanet Settlers - Space Strategy

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  • - Required Android: 4.4 and up
  • - Installs: 1+
  • - Published/Updated Date: November 18, 2020


Exoplanet Settlers is a turn-based, space strategy game in which you colonize planets and conquer hostile aliens.

- Explore space, colonize planets, and distribute resources
- Mine resources and terraform planets
- Build on planets and make space force
- Find hostile aliens and conquer them
- Play the game in various types of galaxies

You will start the game on Kepler-452, which is the first space colony in human history. There you will be equipped with aluminums and titaniums. Since your resources are very limited at the moment, it is recommended to start by building a mine. This will help you get more resources in the future. When you start getting more resources you can launch a space probe to explore the galaxy and find more planets. When your space probe finds a new planet you may settle on that planet. When you do this, this planet will now turn into your very own command center! Then, for you to habitat this planet, you must deliver some resources from Kepler-452 to the new planet. Now you can build a mine, space probes, and in some planets even a residence!

Now that you know the basic rules to this game, The next step to becoming a master at it is knowing about the planets. Here there are three types of planets. A habitable planet is a planet in which you can start to build any structure. (Kepler-452 is a habitable planet.)
A terraformable planet is when the planet is not habitable at the moment but can be altered so. To do this you must get a reasonable number of deuterium and food. An uninhabitable planet cannot be terraformed and only a mine and space probe can be built.

Now let's learn about the buildings. A mine is where you get most of your resources. Aluminum, titanium, tritanium, and deuterium can be produced from there. It can also be upgraded to gain more resources from it. Next, is the farm. It can only be built on a habitable planet. It produces food (potatoes) and can be upgraded like a mine. It’s also important to remember that when your planet is under attack, food is what heals the planet so it is recommended to have a bit of food on each planet. Third, a residence provides supplies for your fighters, assault ships, and destroyers. It also allows you to build your military base. Finally, a military base is used for making warships to defend your planets and conquer hostile alien planets.

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