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Let's enjoy the best graphics and actions of the highest peak of smaho with friends in an open field spreading everywhere. A battle can also choose auto/semi - auto even beginners Easy and easy to level up!

■ Union Galanos vs Empire Dalcan! "God" fight with the resurrection
Is it a coalition for freedom, or an empire that values order? I belong to one of the forces that hold each justice and aim for victory with a fight with enemy forces. Let's overcome a suddenly occurring field battle in a conflict area and overcome enemy forces.

Half of the players are enemies! Real-time large battle
"Occupation warfare" where two powers compete for the territory of one area, "Deathmatch" where one who defeats enemies in time will win, "Deathmatch" that betrays treasures, enemy forces by betting treasures vs boss monster vs three battlefields of self dragging " Treasure battlefield ", etc., to win vigor over victory over the fierce battle between power.

From individual fight to team/guild fight! A variety of modes full of fun fighting
One person who decides the strongest of the battlefield vs 1 person "battlefield" and 4 people for each power vs. 4 team fight "Colosseum", 20 people vs 20 people vs. 20 people "Guild warfare", 6 people to hug a huge boss Raid Dungeon ", and" Invasion "which secretly carries out the quest in the opponent's territory!

■ 6 characters whose gorgeous voice actors breathe life
Starting the game by selecting one from each of the six playable characters, three forces each. Customize the chosen character to your favorite hairstyle and costume and head to the battlefield with your own favorite character.

■ Game Outline
Title: FAITH (フ ェ イ ス / フ ェ イ す す)
Genre: Field Battle Action · Online MMORPG

■ Required environment ■
OS: Android 4.4 or higher
Free space: 2.7 GB or more
※ Please secure the capacity before installation
※ Basic play is free. There is some in-game billing.

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