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  • - Required Android: 5+
  • - Installs: 70M
  • - Published/Updated Date: November 16, 2018


Farmony is a game that engages users in a kind of farming simulation that focuses on animals. This game does not have crops but it does have Farmonals.

Each of the Farmonals is special in their own way, much of this game will require you to discover how each of the Farmonals is different and make your farm the best farm it can be.

The puzzle aspect of Farmony happens within the Farmonals genetic code.

The player can see three different genes and through animal husbandry and a little magic, players will be able to get to the best combination of genes for their Farmonal and indeed their farm.

Each Farmonal family is different and each one will bring you success, it's up to you to choose which Farmonal family you like the best.

Farmony is played offline.
Farmony has cute little animals (Farmonals).
Farmony does not demand your time.
Farmony has hidden complexity.
Farmony has an awesome sound.
Farmony is played casually.
Farmony makes the subway ride pass in an instant.
Downloading Farmony supports independent developers.

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