Feeding My Fish: Make Aquarium

Feeding My Fish: Make Aquarium

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  • - Required Android: 8.0 and up
  • - Installs: 50+
  • - Published/Updated Date: April 5, 2021



New in 2021! Introducing a cute fish breeding game!
Cute fish waiting for food. Let's feed when you want to take a break.
It will grow and evolve into new fish!

[What kind of game]
It is a healing caring game where you can enjoy growing fish and increasing coral in a beautiful aquarium.
Grow a mysterious Gyororin that transforms (mimics) into various fish and discover various shapes.
Cute fish such as Yellow boxfish and Clownfish, and unusual fish such as Atlantic footballfish.

【how to play】
It's very easy to play, and it's basic to feed.
Feeding the fish raises its level and it drops treasure.
Buy new food and coral with treasure.
The evolutionary appearance changes depending on the type of food.
Coral not only makes the aquarium lively, but also has the effect of accelerating the growth of fish.
When it's full, it's inedible, so take some time and feed it several times.

[What kind of fish will appear? ]
Not only beautiful tropical fish, but also various fish will appear.
Yellow boxfish, Clownfish, Chelmon rostratus, Yellow tang, Acanthurus leucosternon, Paracanthurus hepatus, Mola mola, etc.

[Special operation]
You can be healed just by seeing the fish swimming or eating, but some fish have special behaviors.
Clownfish go inside when there is an anemone in the aquarium.

[Beautiful aquarium]
Beautifully colored water like a tropical country and beautiful coral will appear.
Let's move the screen and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

[3D aquarium]
You can observe that all the fish and corals that appear are moving lively in 3D.
If you scroll the screen, you can see it around the inside of the aquarium.

[Observation of fish]
If you want to see the fish up close, use the camera function to zoom in and observe.
You can also feed, so you can observe how you are eating up close.
If you find a cute moment, shoot it and share it or use it as wallpaper.

[Recommended for people like this]
・ Those who like ornamental fish such as tropical fish, goldfish and killifish
・ Those who like cute character caring games
・ Those who like evolving training games
・ Those who are looking for a healing game

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