Fish Run : from the lab

Fish Run : from the lab

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  • - Required Android: Android 5.1 and up
  • - Installs: 10+
  • - Published/Updated Date: Nov 14, 2022



A fish that escaped from the lab in the city.
Run away from the lab so you don't get caught again.
Swim through the sea with just one finger.
Obstacles such as sea urchins, mines, and crows are trying to stop the fish from escaping.
Dive into the ocean or jump over the water to escape from obstacles!
If you get caught, you might be subject to experiment!

◎ Game Features
★Enjoy the game easily with a simple operation.
: You can play the game using just one finger.

★If you jump too high, you may sometimes bump into birds or airships.
: You never know when they will appear, so you might want to jump low.

★Watch out for spiky pufferfish!
: If you get shot by the spikes of pufferfish, you'll become poisoned. If you're shot by the spikes, quickly find an antidote!

★You can see the sea of day and night.
: Even in the same sea, the sea of day and night are so different. Experience another fun in the ever-changing sea.

★Swim freely, diving into the sea and jumping high into the sky.
: You can see the fun and beautiful graphic background like a pop-up book.

★Turn on the game and listen to the sound quietly.
: The calm background sound gives healing to your busy daily life.

※Important Note※
1. Data will be reset when you replace your mobile phone device or delete this app.
2. This app contains free-to-play premium item transactions.
Please note that purchasing the premium items will result in actual payment.
3. Deleting the game or replacing the device will delete all data, which cannot be restored.