Fold Master - Folding Paper

Fold Master - Folding Paper

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  • - Required Android: 8.0 and up
  • - Installs: 10+
  • - Published/Updated Date: September 29, 2021



Welcome to Fold Master, the paper puzzle! Are you ready for a modern origami experience? We bet you are! Enjoy the new vision of old games from Japan in a new and vivid form. Whether you were looking for modern folding games or any sort of DIY games, you’ve come to the right place. Different art pieces, interesting mechanics, and a truly charming process await you in this picture game!

Unfold the fun!

So, how do these art apps work? It’s really simple! Our brain puzzle will enhance your ability to think from different angles and make decisions fast. Just like in most games for adults, especially in such craft games, we think that the player should get both the fun and the training effect at the same time. Always wanted to create art? Dreamed about making your own paper airplane? Here you go!

● You have an unfolded sheet of paper, with a silhouette of some figure or picture in the center.
● Your goal is to fold the paper in the right ways and assemble the image. Easy to learn, hard to master!

Art games with exquisite style

Just like those old-school Japanese games, our art puzzle is centered around beauty. Each classic Japanese game is based around the process of finding your inner Zen, so why should you play an art game in an ascetic form? Add some bright colors to your picture puzzle!

● You will face a vast gallery with a complete collection of art pieces, united by categories.
● There are secret levels within each game section - make sure not to skip those!
Fold the paper!

As in the best creating games, you will interact with some objects. In our case, it is the paper! But don’t worry – all our art games use the best things from our other casual games, so it won’t be hard to get the right grip.

Special tricks for paper games

All mind games should have some special moves, right? Some of our arts are related to magic, and if there are magic puzzles… then there’s a magic solution for some things! This is where we give you the Hint. Use this power-up to ease the process when it gets really hard.
● One application of the hint makes the right move by folding the edges of the paper in the correct order.
● If you made several wrong moves after the initial mistake, then your paper will be turned to the point where you can make everything right again.

Free bonuses for everyone!

Good relaxing games should have a way of getting things easily, right? Of course! That’s why we’ve added a free way to get those Hints! It will make your paper fold easier at some moment and will help you to cope with that origami-like quest!

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