Food Truck Tycoon - Cooking with GPS-location

Food Truck Tycoon - Cooking with GPS-location

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  • - Required Android: 5.0 and up
  • - Installs: 10+
  • - Published/Updated Date: December 2, 2019


Imagine you own a food truck that you move through the real-life streets of your city!
Choose the best places to serve fast meals and get satisfied customers. Food Truck Tycoon is our new brilliant cooking game based on real world data and GPS-location.

What has big data to do with a cooking fever? Well, here if you decide to park by the school - students will queue up, and if you come around the bank - you have the chance to get VIPs. Where will you earn more? However, your city is just the beginning of this crazy chef carnival, why not travel further?

Take your crazy kitchen wherever you want
Drive around the world, visit food trucks of other players and collect recipes for their local meals. This way you will develop your culinary abilities and upgrade your menu. Do you like Mexican food like burrito? Plan your trip to Mexico! Care about time management: do not forget to check on travel plans of other players. Visit your surroundings regularly! Spotted a new chef in town? You may have the chance to get interesting recipes quickly and easily without driving far.

Food truck managing simulation
This is not just a simple tap cooking game, but more of a business managing tycoon. Running this kind of mobile business worldwide, requires great time management skills, real entrepreneur's spirit and a good knowledge of the map. If you travel a lot, you can get new recipes even faster! As we read your GPS location, you can act as a client in the place you stay and visit food trucks of other players to collect their recipes.

Be the crazy cooking chef
Interested? This game does not end quickly. You can own more than one food truck, basically you should get the whole mobile cart fleet. It's nice to look at the entire world map where your vehicles are moving. Remember to control your mobile restaurants, check that you do not lack resources. If so, you need to quickly stock them up. Also, notice which customers leave the biggest tips, try to place food trucks where they stay. The more you earn, the faster you grow. Also watch out for the competition, which strongly reduces the number of customers. Develop your own strategy - do you want to prepare your own unique menu, or do you just want to skillfully compete in places where there are a lot of hungry customers? Upgrade your vehicles and buy new ones!

Dash it all, you are in charge!
park your crazy mobile kitchen in lucrative places
manage your food trucks, cook fast meals and buy new vehicles
upgrade your kitchen on wheels with chef-worthy, local recipes
dash to make your food truck famous for great service and delicious meals
practice time management skills with this cooking game
turn your moving restaurant into a very profitable business!

Become the world best cooking chef
Make all this well known street food like: pizza, sushi, hot dog, burger, taco, chicken, chips, salat, soup, sandwich as well as coffee, shakes, donuts, cakes, ice cream, popcorn or many various local ones. Be the one who please hungry customers in this cuisine strategy game. Home chef! Get ready to practice your business management skills as you take over the kitchen in mobile restaurants around the world. This unique driving game offers endless fun and give you that special experience of traveling.

If you've got what it takes to manage an elite food truck fleet, get behind the wheel and prove it!

FEATURES for other places
park your food truck in lucrative places
compose right menu to attract specific group of customers,
upgrade and relocate your foodtruck to wisely fight the competition,
visit other players' food trucks to exchange recipes,
go global - travel across the world and earn badges!

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