Fortune GO - casual adventure mobile game

Fortune GO - casual adventure mobile game

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  • - Required Android: 8.0 and up
  • - Installs: 1,000+
  • - Published/Updated Date: July 26, 2021


Fortune GO is a definitive social allowed to-play fun easygoing experience portable game that allows you to build up your own remarkable heaven land called: Fortune Island.

Fabricate your own epic mysterious Fortune Island by heading out to various objections and islands and assaulting and attacking companions and enemies the same to annihilate their towns, plunder their secret fortunes and wealth and arise triumphant with a Boom that echoes across the domain.

Your island will develop over the long run, and with each new thrilling new level, unique, interesting, and exceptional things will be accessible to be found and added to adorn your territory.

Spot economy creating structures, ponders and designs that give you precious stones, twists and coins that will help you support your energy just as gain benefit of your adversaries and a superior opportunity to turn into the best expert and pioneer.

With a lot of competitions and occasions to contend in, players will have numerous chances to turn into the best and most extravagant Fortune GO boss by positioning number one on the leaderboards!

Open and find extraordinary and cool things from around the world to make the most epic Fortune GO Neverland and show it to your companions. The things you open will make your island more extraordinary and your companions will begrudge you.

There are many astonishing game-play highlights in Fortune GO:

Travel to various towns, urban communities, nations, and objections and meet privateers, Vikings, VIPs and renowned milestones and film scenes where despots, thieves, rulers, rulers, and bosses rule and obliterate their standard!

Face and conflict companions and adversaries and void their stash.

Gather twists and assaults and increment your shot at getting rich by pillaging and plundering their fortunes and coins and become the best Fortune GO part in this gaming machine relaxed game.

Discover, gather, and exchange stunning cards with gamers all throughout the planet.

Fabricate your own and great fortune island and have some good times showing it off to your Facebook companions and boast.

???? Begin gathering the pearls today! Be that as it may, above all have a good time playing Fortune Go!

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