F.O.X.-Flame of Xenocide (JP)

F.O.X.-Flame of Xenocide (JP)

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  • - Required Android: 500+
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  • - Published/Updated Date: December 5, 2018


FOX - Flame Of Xenocide is addictive! Hardcore action RPG! This feeling, there is no other!

▼ real hardcore 3D action RPG
Beautiful graphics weaved by SF and steampunk style, ultra high-speed combat action with flashy attack action and stylish skill collaboration!

▼ Attractive Characters
You can play attractive three characters with different characteristics!
· A cold-hearted assassin "Lucy" CV. Ayumi Takeishi
· Super Power of Runaway "Near" CV. Nikko Kino
· A wanderer seeking a strong man "Kai" CV. Okawa Genki

▼ Various costumes
Many unique costumes are installed. A lot of pretty costumes are also included!

▼ Equipped with an auto-battle function
While playing authentic action, training can be trained easily neglected by anyone with autoplay!

▼ Drone System
Machine living body that supports battle "Drone"! It is possible to train with players!
Collect drone in the collection system and status UP!

▼ Many gorgeous voice actors appointed
Of course, there are 3 main characters (CV. Ayumi Takeishi, Nikko Nikka, Okawa Genki) and also a dramatic voice actor to appoint dedicated voices!

▼ abundant content
PVP, drone battle, eternal monolith, daily quest etc. other than the main quest
A lot of content is waiting for you!

※ operation terminal
An operation is Android 4.2.0 or higher.
The main body of the application is free, but there are some paid items.

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