Framed by the Yakuza

Framed by the Yakuza

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  • - Required Android: 5.0 and up
  • - Installs: 1,000+ downloads
  • - Published/Updated Date: Jul 19, 2022



At last, you're free. After several long years in prison, you've been released on good behavior—and about time, given that you were innocent from the start! Framed by the gang you used to be a part of, your heart now burns with a need for revenge.

Warned to stay away from the criminal underworld by your detective friend, you try your best to do so while moving back in with your sworn sister... until you discover that a childhood friend is being blackmailed into working at a seedy hostess club. Realizing that the same people who framed you are behind it all, you step back into the yakuza world to set things right.


Asami — The Beautiful Hostess

After your release, you’re shocked to find your childhood friend working at a hostess bar. Hurt that you hid your yakuza affiliation from her, Asami blames you for her circumstances and has broken off all contact. Nevertheless, when you hear that she only works there due to being blackmailed, you resolve to help her escape.

Izumi — The Hardworking Detective

A detective with the police, Izumi knows you from your days in the orphanage and views you as a troublesome little brother. She believes in your innocence and delivers a stern warning to steer clear of the underworld, but soon you both find yourselves right in the thick of it. Perhaps with Izumi by your side, you can right the wrongs of your past once and for all…

Chihiro — Your Sworn Sister

You took Chihiro in years ago after she ran away from her toxic home life, and she’s been with you ever since. Even after you were sent to prison, she waited for you and adamantly protested your innocence. Although she’s still part of the gang, she’s unhappy that you’re not in charge. Together, can you weed out the culprits and turn the clan into something to be proud of?

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