Frutti Dino Stories

Frutti Dino Stories

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  • - Required Android : 5.1 and up
  • - Total Installs : 10+
  • - Published Date : Feb 1, 2023
  • - Categorie : Casual

Meet Frutti Dino and feel affection, and nurture him as your own Frutti Dino!

Frutti Dino Stories is a casual nurturing virtual pet game based on Frutti Dino’s IP and the player proceeds to play according to various events that Dino acts on.

Frutti Dino Stories and Frutti Dino ,are both parts of the Dinoverse project,sharing the same fictional universe.The story follows Atusia and the Frutti Amber.

The Dino grows up to be a Frutti Dino while the players naturally increase their affection for the Dino through gameplay.

In Frutti Dino Stories, players can meet a variety of Dinos according to their own style of play and nurturing, with no set rules and methods.

In addition, as you venture with Dino, you can discover hidden interaction elements throughout each map and enjoy meeting the special Dino, which is only available in Frutti Dino Stories by acquiring rare materials.

Frutti Dino Stories Features :

★ Beautiful & Evolving Lobby!
As players play the game, along with the growth of Dinos, the main lobby evolves step by step, and Dino's visit increases with the changes.

★ Unique Maps & Expressions!
Each 4 themes of area have unique objects that can be interacted with. During the interaction, Dino expresses various feelings.

★ Frutti Evolution!
After 4 evolution in total, Dino gradually grows into Frutti Dino, and can choose between general and rare evolution depending on the play before each step of evolution. Limited parts can be obtained with low possibilities.

★ Infinite Possibilities!
There are no established methods or rules, so players can nurture Dinos freely. Depending on the playstyle, Dino evolves into a Frutti Dino of various types and forms.