Galaxy Freeman - Galaxy Game Online

Galaxy Freeman - Galaxy Game Online

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Play Galaxy Freeman as a freelancer and fight your way across a distant galaxy in the best Galaxy Game Online .

You play as a privateer in a distant, colonized galaxy and embark on a quest that takes you across it. You will constantly improve your equipment and carry out missions, mine resources in asteroid fields or trade to increase your level and earn credits. You can expect a large, freely playable world with numerous planets and stations on which you can land.

Galaxy Freeman FEATURES :

★ An extensive galaxy
★ 4 factions whose reputation you can gain
★ Map structure in 3 levels: Galaxy -> Star system -> Planet/field
★ Jump between planets/fields with accelerator gates
★ Change star systems with wormholes
★ A main campaign that takes you across the galaxy
★ Mining in asteroid fields
★ Explore wrecks and aliens

Land on stations to
★ trade goods
★ equip yourself
★ acquire missions

Galaxy Freeman PRO VERSION :

When you unlock the PRO version, you get access to more cool features:

★ No more ads!
★ Online Multiplayer!
★ Another ship class!
★ You support us in the development!

Galaxy Freeman Supported Languages :

- English
- German

ABOUT THE DEVELOPER of Galaxy Freeman :

Exystem mainly consists of two brothers who publish the results of their developments under this label. Both do this in their spare time besides a regular full time job outside the game industry. Developing games from love to the project and the idea, without any restrictions by big companies!