Galaxy Starship -  Alien Escape & Space Racing Games

Galaxy Starship - Alien Escape & Space Racing Games

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  • - Required Android: 4.4 and up
  • - Installs: 1+
  • - Published/Updated Date: November 24, 2020


Welcome to the outer space! Pilot, are you ready to show your skills on Galaxy Starship: Alien Escape & Space Racing Games, a Space Simulator game where you'll put your all your skills at test.

In Galaxy Starship you'll have to avoid alien ships as you run from the gravitiy of the black hole behind you, are you ready to lead the army of Starships out of harm's way?

Can you use your skill as a pilot to win? Avoid obstacles, collect diamonds and be the top ace pilot of the space force? Fly to win in Space Arrow: Black Hole Escape & Galaxy Race Games

Galaxy Starship: Alien Escape & Space Racing Games Features:

- A galaxy filled with action, alien ships and a menacing black hole as a background on this racing game
- Space Simulator Games for those who want to try the life of a starship pilot
- A war against an enemy alien armada where you'll have to use your deep space racing skills to avoid the black hole
- This action packed shooter free game you have to dodge using the jet motors on your starship, avoid endless waves of enemies!
- This might look like Arcade Space Games, but is a flight war, use your spaceship stunt skills & reflexes to win the space battle
- The one Space shooter to stand among all space games!

◉◉ Collect Diamonds, fly around the galaxy into outer space and win the race◉◉

◉◉ There are dangers beyond the event horizon of the black hole, are you the right pilot to avoid them? are you the top starship flyer that the galaxy needs?◉◉

You've gotten into trouble! You are in the most dangerous area of the galaxy, alien ships are chasing you beat the race in our run games!

Jet,set, GO! Escape from the Black hole using your Space ship, and reach the goal of these space simulators,

You can sky rocket as fast as an arrow or go slowly. Choose your strategy and keep your Starship safe!

Collect the diamonds to unlock a new starship. All the ships are amazing and surprising! Pick a space fighter that says ""Bring all the space ship games & challenges, I'm ready""

The longer you play the better you'll become at this escape game!

How long will you be able to survive in the outer space?

Download this wonderful galaxy space game and start the race against the odds!

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