Galaxy Wars - future battlefields

Galaxy Wars - future battlefields

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Galaxy Wars is a 2.5D two-angle sci-fi war single-handed tour, a combination of the advantages of the two-dimensional game and three-dimensional game so that its operation becomes simple, more visual shock.

In addition to the simple operation of the game using 2D, and the whole field is a 3D model and 3D particle effects, as well as 3D stereoscopic scene, can be zoomed in and out freely, making the combat scene more visual impact.

The game uses high-tech technologies such as holographic projection, radar systems, missile tracking, and wormholes, and adds scene scaling to enhance the experience of different players.

AI technology has been used many times in the game to make the enemy smarter and more challenging. Players have to change their tactics at any time to overcome the changeable enemy.

In the game, adopt the gold coin consumption mode, the player is self-sufficient, buys the weapon equipment in the game. In addition to conventional common attacks, there are also a variety of skills in the cockpit, such as missiles, lasers, shields, maintenance, calling spacecraft, interstellar transmission and so on.

In addition to the satellite ball game and the endless mode of destroying the stars, there are also increased roulette random tasks, with more games, such as escorting allies, removing bombs, Jedi escape, crossing the line of fire, challenging BOSS and so on, can get a lot of gold coins.

In order to become stronger in the game, in addition to economic development, the purchase of advanced spacecraft, but also can make good use of a variety of skills, still be able to win the weak. Each player can play his strong points and choose a more suitable way of playing.

The game averages 3 minutes per game, anytime to play, anytime to stop, anytime to file, anytime to continue, with the reality can be a better combination of work and rest, welcome to download the experience.

Our aim is to do our best to create a high degree of freedom, a high sense of the experience of leisure and entertainment games.

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