GalaxyMerge: Space Attack - sky arcade shooter

GalaxyMerge: Space Attack - sky arcade shooter

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  • - Required Android: 4.1 and up
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  • - Published/Updated Date: September 12, 2019


Humanity has discovered a new energy source - special crystals that allow spaceships to interstellar flights.

The frontiers of the universe have expanded and need defense.
The farthest outpost is attacked, the signal is lost.

The youngest and bravest commander and his elite squad of space fighters flew into the depths of the galaxy to help and protect the allies from space invaders.

But the danger couldn't be avoided. Our defender team enters into epic space battle with other colonies ...

Create new starships and go to combat! Improve and upgrade your space fleet! Merge similar spaceships to make them stronger.

There is no time for rest - you have to merge airplanes during the endless battle. Create your own fleet of merger spaceship with unique traits.

Your enemies have powerful military support - endless waves of ships, high-tech weapons, and the battle at each hotspot ends in an epic boss fight.

Combine the forces of the entire fleet in one spacecraft and beat the boss with enhanced power.

But don't allow damage to your ship - its repair will delay you for a long time.

GalaxyMerge is classic retro space arcade shooter but with modernized visuals and design. Various maps will impress you with the colorful background.

Numerous enemies and breathtaking battles will never get bored!

Variety of enemies and humongous bosses;
Unlimited levels on various difficulties;
Offline earnings;
Great colorful graphic and cool sounds;

Start epic fleet battle and fight in an incredible space war! Show them what you’re capable of!

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