Giant Blob: Join Clash & Giant Rush

Giant Blob: Join Clash & Giant Rush

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  • - Required Android: 6.0 and up
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  • - Published/Updated Date: May 7, 2021


Giant Blob Runner 3D is the best fun run 3D game for those who love simple entertainment. Giant Blob Runner 3D will be your favorite run race 3D of all time!

Collect and upgrade your colorful blob crowd, dodge all obstacles and reach the main area to win boss in the final battle.

With the nice interface with a cute Om Nom character, This Giant Blob Runner 3D promises to give you the most exciting moment. Giant Blob Runner 3D is completely free and can play offline so you can play anywhere, anytime.

The simple rule of Giant Blob Runner 3D:

Start the fun run race 3d with an orange blob and collect another blob runner to create a Giant Blob runner 3D crowd! Lead your crowd of blobs to dodge different types of dangerous obstacles on the fun run race 3d. Be careful to preserve the number of blobs crowd because the more blob you gather, the stronger you get to fight with Giant Boss. Blobs are easy to break when lightly touching obstacles, so dodge the obstacles in a perfect way. Get bigger, stronger, and super blob to collect special rewards. Try to save as many teammates as possible.

If you can’t dodge from the deadly obstacles and lose a limb or a few blob runner 3D, don’t worry! The remaining blob crowd can continue the fun run race 3d for you. Join Clash 3D with a new blob crowd and start again on the fun run race 3d.

Avoid moving axes and complete other challenges! Run through monstrous chains and dangerous areas to the finish line! Defeat the Giant Boss at the end of every level and win the run race 3D. Be careful! This Boss hits very hard and his punches are heavy.

AMAZING FEATURES of Giant Blob Runner 3D:
- Exciting survival fun run race 3d game
- Many challenging levels to conquer in this Giant Blob Runner 3D
- Dozens of dangerous obstacles
- Join Clash 3D the Giant boss and punch Boss
- Get many rewards and coins to increase the blob’s power
Bright and colorful graphics, Intuitive interface!
Super smooth controls

HOW TO PLAY Giant Blob Runner 3D:
- Use only 1 finger and move left or right to dodge the traps
- Gather Blob crowd on the fun run race 3D. Gather blobs as many as possible
to get the most powerful strength.
- Guide the crowd of blobs and run together to finish at the end of the level!
- Avoid touching on the traps on the fun run race 3D to preserve your teammates
- Join clash 3D with Giant Boss at the end of the level, Tap continuously to punch the giant Boss and win the run race 3D.

Experience this addicted Giant Blob Runner! New features such as special skill and perk, tons of blob costumes,...will be added for the next update. Download Giant Blob Runner to experience this super fun run 3d.

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