Girl in Yellow 2: Keep an eye on her

Girl in Yellow 2: Keep an eye on her

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  • - Required Android: 5.0 and up
  • - Installs: 10+
  • - Published/Updated Date: December 20, 2020


Girl in Yellow 2: Keep an eye on her-this is the second part of the beloved game "Baby in Yellow: Horror game" - the girl in yellow

This is a horror story and the essence of the game is as follows - you work as a nanny, you were asked to look after the child in yellow, the sister of that boy... my parents aren't home yet. A child care horror game in which you have to take care of a girl in yellow.

If you want to tickle your nerves, then by all means try to play this horror the baby in yellow, which offers you to experience the full range of these sensations.
Accepting a job as a nanny to care for a child, no one thinks that it can turn into something terribly scary, frightening. And when you were offered to sit in the evening with a restless child in yellow while the parents were not at home, you did not think for a second that this would be the most terrible night of your life. The only thought you care about: How do I get out of this damned house? But soon you realize that this is not as easy as you would like. To get out of here, you need to understand all the secrets that this child hides. To do this, you will have to pull yourself together and go around the whole house, exploring every room and every thing. Baby granny, you'll soon understand. Doing the rounds of the house and trying to comprehend its secrets, you in any case should not take your eyes off this terrible baby. After all, at the first opportunity, he tries to either elude you or attack.
As a nanny profession, you have had to deal with unruly children.

Why did you agree to sit with the child, it is unlikely that any of the nannies would think that this could end in a very unpleasant story and she would have to look after the baby, who came here directly from hell. And it is with such a child that you will have to deal. The baby in yellow causes only one feeling — I want to run away from him in horror. Ordinary things like feeding, changing diapers, and going to bed turn into scary quests. But you made the decision to deal with the situation. Steadfastly perform your duties and try not to pay attention to the fact that he disappears, it is only necessary to turn away and make terrible faces, from which your soul goes to your heels. These are all horror stories, don't take scary games seriously!

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