Gold Diggers - How to Pick Up Girls

Gold Diggers - How to Pick Up Girls

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The term "Gold Diggers" has many meanings. It’s up to you how you want to interpret it.

In the game, you can earn your prestige, or you can get involved with a rich person to wallow in luxury.

Remember "all that glitters is not gold" and you can search for your ‘gold’ inside yourself to find the most valuable paths of life.

The main aim of the game is to show the life in the 21st century – fast, oriented on consumption and with low awareness.

You start your adventure as a handy man who owns a decaying car made in 1994 and has only paid the last rent at the Motel.

You decide your fate and your development. You can become a personal trainer or a lecturer at the university, or you can practice yoga and grow your business.

The way you behave, how you look and what you do affect your Mucho Points and your Level of Enlightenment, which in turn determine your relationships and friendships.

What do the people we meet teach us? In fact, the people we’re going to meet are supposed to teach us something and cause a chain reaction. You get a valuable lesson from them and they get something from you. There are people who come into your life to hurt you, while others come to grow with you.

Here are the six types of people you can meet on your way:

- Those who are to remind you of something
- Those who make you grow
- Those who stay with you
- Those who show up to wake you up
- Those who come only for a short while
- Those who must leave

Gold Coast City
The sun is warming your face; you feel the morning ocean breeze on your body. Your feet are immersed in warm and fine sand. You’re standing on a heavenly beach staring at the orange glow of the Gold Coast City.

Anything is possible here. You can climb the highest peaks but be careful not to fall because there is the other side of the city down there - night-time thefts, police chases and poverty in slums.

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