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Grandson has just five days to flee from home, and you will rapidly understand that you require all these five days. In the event that you make any stable whatsoever, the "grandson" will flee from you at full speed.

Possibly you can get him, yet in the event that he escapes from you, at that point you will get eager for losing cognizance and lose. Try not to give your grandson a chance to beguile and flee from you!

Attempt to get a grandson who needs to escape from a horrendous house brimming with snares in a third-individual ghastliness diversion - Grandson.

Be that as it may, it won't be anything but difficult to get him - a shrewdness "grandson" will flee from you in the event that he hears even one of your moving toward stirs.

You can walk your character around the house utilizing the virtual gamepad on the left half of the screen and toss traps and beat the bat.

With the consistent dread that you won't get the "grandson" and the natural control framework, Grandson is an extraordinary loathsomeness amusement. Would you be able to get the horrendous grandson?

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