Greedy Friend

Greedy Friend

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  • Required Android: 10+
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  • Published/Updated Date: October 27, 2018


Mechanics: Player One Rolls the Dice once and gets a random number , he can roll the dice as many number of times he wants to roll but if the Dice roll gives a value 1 then the current turn values will get reset to zero . Meanwhile the player one can either choose to pass with what current summed up total score he has got . Then its the AI(robot)/player two's turn to roll the dice . Same rules apply to the AI/player two as well . He can choose to pass anytime he feels he has got enough points this current turn to achieve the target score . So the main aim of the players is to achieve the target score as soon as possible without being greedy and tactically trying to be smart .

Game Name: Greedy Friend

Game Mode: Single Player/Multi Player

Theme : Robotic

Fun Element : Addictive Game Play

Game Components :

-Game Arena

Mission: Be Greedy and Needy and achieve your goal.

Game Transition: Initially you will have to select either you want to play single player or multiplayer .
If Single Player then you choose the type of robot you want to play with out of four .
Then you select a challenge and target score .
And then Click on fight to start the game .

People Talk About:
-Get ready for some Greediness
-Find your Needs
-Lets Check out the Greediness in you !!!
-Lets Go with finding the Need/Greed to Win the battle !!!!
-Are you greedy to win ?
-Does your Need/Greed have passion to battle and win !!!
-Come and see what everyone is hooting’ and hollering’ about.

On each turn the player rolls dice and gets some value by rolling it again and again , chooses to pass when he feels its the right time .

So as you reach towards the target value and achieve it before AI/Player two then you would be declared as winner .

In Multiplayer you can either choose to play turn based game with friends or Online Multiplayer .

Greedy Friend is a turn based strategy game for two players . We all have our needs right from our childhood like food , water , rest . Then in our teenage we are needy for stability ,Security . As adult we are needy for wealth ,power . Middle age persons have needs of growth , Development , Creativity . Senior Citizen have needs of Belonging , Love , Respect . But Life is very uncertain and we never know when are needs gets converted to our greed .So this game gives an opportunity to win the game of life within without being greedy and staying within the range of our needs and fulfilling all our demands without disrespecting , hurting others .

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