Hassle 1977 - online top down action game

Hassle 1977 - online top down action game

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  • - Required Android: 10+
  • - Installs: Varies with device
  • - Published/Updated Date: January 2, 2020


open-world game with next-gen graphics "like gta online style"

Punch, it is online game, you know ya,
With top down camera, you know ya,
It is looks like a GTA Online but in 1977 year, you know ya,
In parallel universe, you know ya,
With some cyberpunk style, with neon and retro-wave you know ya,
Car racing and drift, deathmatches, upgrades, vehicle - tuning you know ya.

You can buy a car, get in, and take down friends with ragdoll physics and destroy any physics objects, you know ya,
Explosions here, you know ya,
Super ultra power unreal next-gen level graphics, you know ya,

If you wanna play this game - so free, it is real.

*this game in early access - only "Hustle Bustle" game mode available now. This game mode for 24 online players in Baltic City with cars and guns - you need to hack servers to collect data as much as possible and send it data, only one player with most valuable data can finish this mission!

Aaaaand there is story-line but we will provide it later ;)

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