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  • - Required Android: 50+
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  • - Published/Updated Date: December 7, 2018


Heartfelt is an isometric puzzle game in which you solve puzzles by using your weakest point. In order to navigate through the levels, you throw Alex’s heart to activate pressure plates, open doors or lure enemies into traps.

However, once it falls to the ground it becomes vulnerable, and you must find a way to retrieve it before the enemies do too much damage to it.

Alex’s thoughts create a beautifully hand-crafted environment to explore. The levels you traverse are abstract mental representations of the situations that he goes through, and the enemies represent the emotions that he fights against in order to do so, such as anxiety or self-doubt.

Each enemy behaves differently, and you must take advantage of their quirks to help you advance through the puzzles. As you collect cassettes in the levels, you will discover more and more of Alex’s story.

❤️ Your most useful tool is also your weakest point!
❤️ Solve puzzles by throwing your heart to activate pressure plates, lure enemies, and navigate the levels.
❤️ Protect your heart from self-doubt and anxiety before they hurt your heart too badly.
❤️ Use the enemies’ behaviors against them in order to open new paths.
❤️ Explore Alex's mind as he learns how to cope with his negative emotions in order to advance.
❤️ Discover the narrative by collecting cassettes through the levels.

Made by Overscoped Productions – a DADIU production 2018

Mikkel Balslev, Programmer
Julie Lavard Brogaard, CG Artist
Casper Christiansen, Lead QA & UR Manager
Oana Andreea Dogaru, Project Manager
Mathias Gammelmark, Programmer
Thorbjørn Glindtvad, Audio Designer
Anders Ibsen, Programmer
Kasper Juul, Programmer
Mihajlo Kocić, Programmer
Jaime Monedero March, Game Director
Rasa Narkunaite, Art Director
Steffen Nielsen, Game Designer
Thomas Pedersen, Level Designer
Corentin Serrie, Lead Programmer
Ripudaman Singh, CG Artist
Mathias Stie-Svendsen, QA & UR Team Manager
Anton Vestergaard, QA & UR Manager
Emil Jonathan Wittendorff, Programmer

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