HeartsWar : MMORPG

HeartsWar : MMORPG

- - Rated 3.4 stars out of five star
- - 97 total Total

  • - Required Android: 1,000+
  • - Installs: 64M
  • - Published/Updated Date: February 26, 2020


HeartsWar MMORPG that need to play with your Heart , Open a new world on your mobile.

HeartsWar is the role-playing game on your mobile that comes with a unique Mercenary system, town creation, NPC relationships and much more.

✱Open World ➤ Explore the vast world of Heartswar with friends at your side. Live the full MMORPG experience on your mobile. Fill up a party or simply go solo to tackle challenge dungeons and bosses. (Explore HeartsWar's vast world with friends on the go!)

✱Job & Classes ➤ There's 15 unique jobs to choose from. Best part is YOU can change professions anytime. Have you ever been a Pirate? Want to live the life of a Ronin? Why choose when you can try them all. (Switch to any of the 15 jobs available at anytime!)

✱Skill Effect ➤ Deal the most damage in the most stunning way. Each skill generates stella eye-catching effects when used. Find your fighting style and create your own combos. (Defeat your enemies with stylish combo effects)

✱Auto Quest ➤ The fun never ends with Auto Quest. When you need to cool down or have become busy, click on Auto to continue the adventure without life slowing your progress. (Continue adventuring with auto quest)

✱Player vs Player ➤ A slew of arenas and battle modes are set for your action-packed enjoyment. Want to settle a score? There are loads of ways to bring the fight where you want it. (PvP your way!)

✱Costume ➤ Be the hottest YOU. Choose from a wide variety of costumes and armors to always be the trendiest avatar around. There are no limits to you want to be. (Customise your avatar exactly as you'd like)

✱Story Quest ➤ Put your heart on the line for war. Engross yourself in this MMORPG by joining the "Hearts" forces to protect the world from demons. Come out as the hero in your story. (Immerse yourself in a deep and engaging story)