Hero Story: Fight or Die

Hero Story: Fight or Die

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  • - Required Android: 1,000+
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  • - Published/Updated Date: October 30, 2018


Super hero squad are waiting for you, ready to join the super hero squad with us !

Hero Story is a 2D action game that brings you an immersive experience into the legendary super hero. Do not let the strong enemy break your spirit. Perform tasks and upgrade your character. The choice is up to you!
Be a part of our super hero squad, write a story about a hero - about yourself.

???????? You will be into body of Adela, Author, Balrog ... and so many hero will be updated continuously.
???????? Fighting to over through the level, defeat the devil monsters: Death Wings, Phoenix, Anubis ... and so many other powerful enemies.
???????? More than 150 items in store.
???????? Over 100 powerful enemies, explore dungeon, fighting with Boss Sky Dragon and Boss Phoenix…
???????? Visual and sounds effects are great.
???????? Fantastic physics and fighting animation.
???????? Simple, easy play, hard to play on the high level
???????? Internet connection to play
???????? Play game is totally free, explore the world with endless battle, quests and ancient monsters.
???????? The system character has depth, logic and science.


Each hero has an active ability and 9 passive abilities. By upgrading heroes, their strength will increase greatly. Embark on a journey to find the best loot and defeat all challengers in this truly free-to-play Action RPG. Featuring randomized loot, dynamically generated dungeons. Journey through the unlimited level of increasingly difficult enemies while collecting the best items possible while competing with your friends. Don’t miss the various tasks in an astrology to collect gold, gems that help you upgrade the power of heroes. Play and compete with your friends to be on top of the leaderboard. Fight and gain the glory as a knight and become a legend.

⭐ Adela - Beautiful archer and và strongly.
⭐ Author - Knights with tremendous strength and attacks.
⭐ Balrog - Wizard with super powers.

So many other heroes in the Hero Story, each character will have the skills, power of the own, by the upgrade heroes, the power of heroes will be grow so much. keep your body and upgrade them to the super hero.

Wild monsters:
???? Death Wings - The dark dragon has the breath of death
???? Phoenix - Lucifer's riding animal.
???? Anubis - The god supervise death.
There are many evil and mighty beasts, destroy them all to overcome their limits.

Take on the adventure to find the best trophies, defeat all the enemies in this action game. There are a lot of random booty, the dungeons contain unexpected secrets. The journey through the unlimited levels of the enemy. Do not miss the various missions in astrology to collect gold, gems. Help you upgrade the power of the heroes. Play and compete with friends to top the leaderboards. Fight and gain glory as a hero and become a living legend.

Hero Story lets you enjoy the incredible battle with an exciting gaming experience, simple top-down viewing angles, easy-to-play controls, as well as lots of skills you can use to fight enemies. Defeat and destroy all enemies in the face of their melee attacks.

Download Hero Story free! Start your hero legend in the fighting game now!
Join the adventure world, and become the best hero legend.

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