Hidden - Bonfire Stories : Faceless Gravedigger

Hidden - Bonfire Stories : Faceless Gravedigger

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  • - Required Android: 100+
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  • - Published/Updated Date: December 5, 2018


Discover the newest hidden objects mystery game from the TOP SELLING premium games company, Big Fish.

With more than 26 million premium game downloads worldwide, Big Fish gives you exciting new mysteries to solve each week!

Conquer your greatest fears in this chilling Hidden Object game! An urban legend surrounds the Quiet Grove resort,

long since abandoned and forgotten by time, of a mysterious killer known as the Faceless Gravedigger.

This serial kidnapper was believed to be responsible for numerous disappearances over the years, but is he real or only a myth?

To nab the news story of a lifetime, you’ll have to put yourself on the line to find out! Explore the spooky grounds of this once peaceful retreat as you hunt down the truth about this evil haunting tale!

• Test your skills through a variety of puzzles, mini-games, and amazing hidden object scenes!
• Immerse yourself in a fantastic story full of colorful characters and intriguing locations!
• Unlock the full game to gain access to incredible bonus content and additional gameplay!

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