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Hop Step Jumpers

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Hop Step Jumpers is a simple but deep jumping action RPG that you can enjoy an exhilarating battle with a simple operation of a finger.

You can enjoy exhilarating action fighting while flying around the screen with the easy operation of slide and tap.

Let's win the battle with enemies, rivals, gimmicks, "jumping" "stepping" "avoid" under various changing circumstances!

■ View of the world and the purpose of the player
A town that you know too ... Appears that Japan in the near future is the stage of this game. In this future Japan, life forms called "prisms" are overwhelming, which can turn into anything and cause problems.

The goal of the player is to win the prize and win the wealth and honor, winning the "Jumper's Festa" held once a month while getting prizes by getting rid of the prisms, that is, becoming the "world's top jumper".

■ Jump action where arm's difference comes out with one finger!
Simple operation that jumps and gives damage by stepping on enemies is basic. It is attractive that anyone can enjoy it once you play. Once you master the basics, let's win the battle with enemies, rivals, gimmicks, "jumping" "stepping" "avoiding" on various changing stages!

■ Multi fight/competition battle with incandescence!
In addition to "Single Story Quest", there are three game modes that can be played in multi. In order to defeat a mighty enemy sometimes "battle", the sight of compensation and sometimes "competition" bargaining depending on circumstances becomes gradually important. Even on the same stage play style will change completely, so it is also attractive to play forever.

■ First time in a smartphone! Let 's draw with' Iranian 'and fight!
"Iranian" is the first function of the smartphone that can be changed to an illustration drawn by myself or another user. In the Iranian shop, you can easily sell/purchase illustration between users through in-game currency, so how you enjoy depends on you!
· Purchase illustrations of favorite creators and make it a lifetime
· Discover the bargains by searching all the Iranian shops
· Selling boasted illustration and massive currency in game GET
· Let's draw attention in multi with my favorite illustrations

■ Kick the enemy with "Super Necessary Shooting" attack!
A powerful "super mortal shooting" attack that can be used by stepping on a specific item is activated. Let's develop the battle favorably, aiming for "Super Necessary Shooting" attack.

■ "Jumpers Festa" to decide the peak of jumpers
Once a month, the festival "Jumper's Festa" will be held to decide the peaks of jumpers around the world. When you become the top of a jumper, you can earn only 12 kinds of strongest weapons in the world.
Let's aim at the top of the jumpers with Uede and Chikara, who have daily exercised!

■ Many rich character & weapons appear!
Let's train your favorite characters and weapons and organize parties.
Combining characters and weapons, challenging the battle with your own strategy is key.

Voice actors popular characters such as 'Uchida Masato' and 'Midorikawa Miki' are in charge of the voice of characters who appear full of personality. In addition, luxurious members dedicated to animation/game lovers are gathering, such as "Yashikinuma Satoshi" (fripSide) composing and arranging the main theme, Noir (CV: Eri Manichima) is in charge of the main theme vocal.
Furthermore, Professor Hiroshi Mashima, a popular manga artist, is participating as a cheering headmaster. It is also noteworthy that Prof. Mashima's completely written character "Just Gordon" appears in the game.

■ The latest information is here
▼ official website

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▼ Hop Step Jumper Official YouTube

■ Appearance character and gorgeous voice actor team (some excerpts, no order, no title)
▼ Sky Jumpers belonging character
Sora role of the flight: Uchida Masato
The role of Kakeru of Sho - ken: Atsushi Tamaru
Ruika role of a water cannon: Sakura Yashima
Role of Roses: Rika Tachibana
The role of Shion of the gale: Midorikawa Mikawa
Riz of a sunshine role: Aya Suzaki
Pursue role of rosein: Kenji Akabane
Role of gamma of early firing: Hisayoshi Suganuma
Science engineer Sophie role: Sho Iizawa

▼ Iron Barrett belonging character
Commander Regulus role: Sumire Uesaka
Aim of the earth: Akiko Komatsu
Role of Rebecca in the sky: Kanae Ito
The role of Hermes in siege shooting: Yuka Ozaki
Guardian Colt role: Mayu Yagashi
Role of weapons developer Soniya: Hiba
Phiatt role of interception: Akira Noda
Remington role as a strong shot: Minamiko Suzuki
Jericho role of the bombing: Tsukui Ayumi

▼ Gordon Corporation belonging character
Rainbow Jewel Arma role: Riku Kugimiya
Role of ambition: Satoshi Hino
The role of Mahuyu of painfulness: Akane Tomonaga
Super role Halta role: Kinnobu Year
Izumi role of the water trap: Asukasa Asuka

▼ Venom belonging character
Role of Noir in Abyss: Eri Kitamura
False Angel Clara: Hideki Kato
Flame of Flame Glenn: Kisho Taniyama
Tadashi Terashima role as 氷 皇子 ぐ 子
Papillon role as a fairy king: Tsubasa Kenaga

▼ Character belonging to Gigantec
Purpose of purification of purge: Shiro Miura
Role of felicit of cat fake: Kana Yumenu
Rin role of poison butterfly: Hiromi Imano
Eagle Crow Pinna role: Yuki Kawabe

▼ Tianyama Shrine belonging character
Role of the Uzume of Fireflies: Suzuko Mimori
Banly fanatic person Masaya Takatsuka
Sister Misha role: Tsugumi Sakuragi

▼ Other independent characters
Just role of Gordon: Yoshitada Otsuka
Awesome asshriller role: Milky Way long
Adventurer fin Finance: Mayumi Tanaka

■ Hop Step Jumpers (Jumpers) is recommended for this person!
Recommended for those who want to play action games with fun battle ▼
· I was looking for a simple action role playing game with a game fighting enemies (fighting game)
· I want to play an interesting exhilarating action game that I have never seen before.
· Even in action battle game you are looking for a fun action application with simple operation with a single fingertip
· Special Moves were looking for cool smartphone smart game
· Want to enjoy popular character game (carague) with killing time with easy action
· I'd like to play a popular embedded game that my friend said it was a god game

▼ Recommended for those who want to enjoy real-time battles with multiplayer
· I was looking for a cooperative play game where a character can also fight with action role playing of a cute game
· Do you want to enjoy online match-up with games where you can play multiplayer gay show
· I want to enjoy action-based games of real story in multiplayer
· I want a refreshing action game that can play online cooperation
· I want to play online RPG which can enjoy fight with friends
· It is a free and interesting game that will kill time, I am looking for a fun game to play with everyone
· I'd like to enjoy the game of defeating the enemy in cooperation with my colleagues in a game that I can do online for kill time

Recommended for those who want to enjoy a solid game ▼ Story
· I want to play games that I can enjoy authentic stories and adventure with characters
· I'm looking for a game with real story at RPG (Aaru Pier)
· I want to play a game that can enjoy a story with my own worldview

▼ Recommended for those who love animation and famous voice actor, painter
· I like an action RPG whose famous voice actor comes out with animated characters
· I am looking for a game where many favorite voice actors and painters are out
· I want to play games while listening to character voice (CV) of popular voice actor

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