Hunter Hero - Arcade Archer Shooter

Hunter Hero - Arcade Archer Shooter

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  • - Required Android: Varies with device
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  • - Published/Updated Date: November 30, 2020


Hunter Hero - Arcade Archer Shooter - The latest archery game in 2021
In the world where is full of danger, you're the lone archer hero facing with impossible odds & your survival depends on your skills! You have to defeat all waves of evil .Remember, once you fail, the only way is to start all again! So be careful, Archer!

Hunter Hero - Arcade Archer Shooter challenges the archer with a variety of difficulty maps. Remember, once you fail, the only way is to start all again! So be careful, Archer!

Hunter Hero - Arcade Archer Shooter involves clearing a room of enemies and moving onto the next one. Each room is randomly generated, with different environmental hazards such as holes, walls, and spikes, and random enemy layouts as well.

The one archery hero is not only brave but also skillful to shoot the arrow following the right way heading to the enemies.

Be a Hunter Hero - Arcade Archer Shooter and master your hunt!

Here, you go against all odds as an archer hero through countless stages, dodging enemy fire and disposing of them with an arsenal of various ranged weapons, taking care at the same time not to get cornered or overwhelmed.

Tap & move your finger around to control the archer hero
 The arrow will be auto-shoot & you have to estimate the correct direction of the shot
 This archer game requests players to be patient because once you die, you have to start all again
Once the archer hero pass the round, he can receive random & unique skills to level up the power of arrow

In this archery game, your goal is to progress as far as possible through a series of levels without dying, collecting upgrades to become more powerful in the process.

Different from other archery games, Hunter Hero will make you impressed at the first sight with ADDICTIVE arcade game play - Ultimate action experience on mobile.
 Level up and equip the archer hero with powerful equipment to increase his stats.
Hunter Hero game gives you a chance to discover all crazy weapons, type of arrows, rings - Archery game has never been more fun
Win the maps to unlock the new character or make your arrow more powerful
Tips Of Hunter Hero : Combining Ricochet with Multi shot and Forward Arrow will quickly have you doing 8x your normal damage output
This is the top archery game that you can not miss!
Hunter Hero - The most competitive archery games ever!
⚔️ Show off your skills with a bow and arrow, perfect your aim, & be a ARCHER HERO!

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