Hustle City -  PvP Money Making Wars

Hustle City - PvP Money Making Wars

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  • - Required Android: Varies with device
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  • - Published/Updated Date: September 27, 2019


Money owns this town, but who owns the money?

Welcome to HUSTLE CITY: PVP Money Wars, a competitive multiplayer auction game about bidding at Storage Auctions and selling at the Pawn Shop for a profit.

In the Hustle PVP game, it’s all about buying low and selling high. Do you have what it takes to beat all the wannabe Hustlers and become the HUSTLE BOSS? Take part in auction wars and win big in bidding games!

Play against real people in short turn-based game matches to see who makes the most money. You’ll have to bid at Storage Auctions, dive through Dumpsters, visit the Experts, and sell at the Pawn Shop. But be careful! The other players could interfere with your plans by bidding higher or selling faster. Ready for the garage wars?

Pick your character and chose your car before heading out to battle at the auctions. Your ride will say a lot about what kind of bidder you are. Are you the aggressive or the analytical type? Find out in this thrilling bid game!

Bid against other players for storage items to see who takes home the lockers. Each player will make their bid, and the highest value takes all! You’ll have to Bid Smart to take home the items from the storage and still make a profit. The bidding game really is all about the risk and the profit – auction wars, remember?

When the door to the storage locker opens and the bid game starts, you'll have a limited amount of time to make a bid. So pay attention to the storage, because you never know what will be behind the door during garage wars. Who knows, maybe you’ll even find an abandoned treasure in one of the boxes in a multiplayer auction game.

Visit the Specialists to gain an edge on the competition. Here, the experts will help you increase the value of your sales! Use this bonus several times through the match and earn a ton of cash! Having this bonus allows you to bid a little higher during the Storage Auctions because you know you can always sell at the Pawn Shop for that extra amount!

How about trying your luck? You could always go Dumpster Diving to see if luck is on your side. You’ll get a random item for free – many people throw things away without knowing their real value. Who knows, maybe you’ll even find a rare item in the middle of the trash! Go Dumpster Diving!

Discover the best strategy to beat your opponents at the bid game and make the most money! You might find yourself looking for items, bidding in the storage auction, earning cash stopping by the experts, visiting a Pawn Shop along the way. But be careful: you'll need to make sure you have enough fuel to get there first! In Hustle City, your car’s fuel is one of your main strategic resources, so use it wisely so you don’t miss out on the auction game!

• Quick, Turn-Based Multiplayer PVP Game
• Multiplayer Auction with Bidding between players for storage items
• Find all sorts of Items, including Rare Treasures during storage auctions wars
• Sell the items you get in garage wars at the Pawn Shop for a Profit
• Go Dumpster Diving to test your luck
• Pick the Portrait and Car that best represents you in bidding games

Hustle City is a work in progress, we're trying to create the best multiplayer Hustle Game, Pawn Shop and Storage Auction simulator possible. So come check it out: bid on some lockers, play a multiplayer auction, go dumpster diving, win the storage wars, and let us know what you think about our bid game!

We would like to make this the best among all bidding games and for that we need your input - maybe the next update will feature your suggestion on how we can improve this auction game! Help us make the best virtual Auction Game and Item Selling PVP game!

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