HZH Family Zoo

HZH Family Zoo

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  • - Required Android: 5.0 and up
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  • - Published/Updated Date: October 20, 2021


Welcome to our family zoo! This family of bloggers - Heidi, Hadil, Zak, Zidane and their dad - are happy to invite you in for a visit! They took the city zoo under their care, which the city authorities were set to demolish, and they are dreaming of rebuilding everything and creating the biggest animal park around. There is so much work to be done at the zoo that HZHTube family can’t do it alone. The animals can't wait to explore their enclosures. They really need your help!

You have to repair the animals’ enclosures, install all the necessary equipment, treat wild animals and let them in to their new homes.

The family from HZHTube will tell you lots of interesting things about each of the residents of the restored zoo! You will learn which animals can’t yawn and which ones can drink salt water. There are also animals that like to sleep almost all day long! And other animals that can stay awake all night!

Adventure awaits you here! You will take part in an operation to rescue an elephant from poachers and successfully deliver it to the zoo. You’ll learn how to make snow all year round by repairing the snow cannons in the penguin enclosure.

You’ll take veterinary courses and help Hadil (the eldest of the HZHTube family’s sisters) treat the animals. Learn to handle wild animal wounds and dressings properly. And also treat the teeth of the king of beasts and save the eyesight of the largest land animal.

A real surprise is also waiting for you - a fairy-tale exotic creature from the animal kingdom! You can’t see a creature like this in any zoo, but the HZHTube family have made every effort to treat it and set up an excellent enclosure for it (with your help, of course)!

Heidi and Zidane’s family zoo doesn't just care about the comfort and health of their friends. It also makes sure that the animals never get bored. You will find out what toys the ostrich likes to play and which would be better to install in the giraffe's enclosure. Animals can also get bored, which negatively affects their well-being, so our zoo has created a separate puzzle game for you, which will entertain both you and the animals.

Between quests, there will be a match 3 game. Animals will rest in their enclosures, and you will play it! Match bright fruits, pinecones, and hazelnuts, move them around the field in order to solve puzzle and receive crystals as a reward. Wild animals will be grateful to you! Crystals will help you quickly complete all of your tasks, which means that you can repair the animal park even faster!

The Heidi and Zidane family Zoo awaits! Have fun building, repairing, and gardening here. With your help, an abandoned place will turn into a beautiful modern animal park before your very eyes. Wild animals will be safe here, because you will look after them in the company of HZHTube family - Heidi, Hadil, Zak, Zidane and their dad. Animals feel when they are loved and cared for, and their lives will be happy here. Our zoo gives you the chance to become a real builder, gardener, veterinarian, and zoologist! You can master these professions here, in our game, and also give the animals a loving new home and become their family!

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