I-Dolls - Tome 3 - love story in South Korea

I-Dolls - Tome 3 - love story in South Korea

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  • - Required Android: 4.4 and up
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  • - Published/Updated Date: July 26, 2020


This version of the game has chapters 20 to 23. It was created in order to allow phones having problems with the full application to play.

If you have a phone with little power, if the full version of the game is bugging after ads on your phone / tablet, give this one a try!

Make sure you turn off your other apps, widgets, and browser windows to get the most out of the game.

It is also suitable if you don't have much space on your phone / tablet and the full version is too big for you to download.

After you finish playing Volume I, you can delete it and download Volume II instead. (Please note that deleting the app will lose all bonuses and illus you unlocked.)

(In French only - French version only)

You are going to South Korea for a year for a university exchange. Your cousin and best friend, Claire, will have this incredible experience with you.

But Claire is not only that: she is also the sister of the frontman of one of the biggest K-pop groups of the moment, 3rd Star!

Once in Seoul, you will have the opportunity to discover Korean culture to progress in your studies, but also to get to know the stars you admire so closely.

Perhaps you will be able to thus discover what is behind the rhinestones and the sequins ... Incredible friendships extend to you - and maybe much more, if affinities!

Choose from Him-chan, Jinnie, Ja, and Haniel. ❤️️ (Other idols that appear in the game are not potential love interests / crushes.)

You have your destiny in your hands. Because this trip will not be a long calm river either, and you will find several obstacles in your way.

What choices will you make? Will you be the one of love despite the difficulties? Here, your decisions have a real impact on the rest of the story, whether short or long term.

Immerse yourself in the world of I-Dolls, the first otome game from Shukimo Studio, without further ado!

I-Dolls - Tome 3 Feature :
⭐️ A free game without a system of action points, diamonds, rubies, tickets, energy, etc.
⭐️ Impactful choices for the plot and your relationships
⭐️ Twists and turns, emotion
⭐️ Varied, intriguing and endearing characters
⭐️ A dense universe around the game
⭐️ A real dive into the world of K-pop
⭐️ Beautiful decors for a more realistic atmosphere than ever
⭐️ Lots of bonus content to unlock
⭐️ Cultural files to learn more about Korea
⭐️ Contests to win wonderful gifts
⭐️Your choices = your (love) story!

To access the new chapter, you need to update your app!

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/idolls.otome/

The game does not accept custom keyboards. To be able to play, you have to deactivate it so that you can properly enjoy the application!

The game works best under Android 8 and +. It may experience issues with earlier versions of Android.

❗️Concerning backups❗️
Applications or tools built into storage management settings can clear the cache files necessary for the game to function properly. We advise you to set them to grant an exception to the game or not to use them so as not to lose your saves.

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