I Want To Live (Demo)

I Want To Live (Demo)

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  • - Required Android: 1+
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  • - Published/Updated Date: November 13, 2018


I Want To Live is an infectious epidemic has taken over a small town and now the government's only solution is to wipe out everything.. and everyone. Contaminated or not, the virus wants you to join them and the army wants to lay waste to all citizens. The only option you have is to fight back.

Featuring a variety of firearms, all with unlimited ammo to help you take out anyone in your way.
Advanced AI that deals with vision, sight, rallying same team members, and flanking targets.

Each predator is equipped with an alert status. The army will fight the infected before turning their attention towards you; use that to your advantage.

Real-time shadows give a gloomy atmosphere whether you feel safe inside a manor, or alone inside a cemetery.

Use objects to help hide or crouch down while moving to reduce noise and make yourself harder to spot. The zombies have a mob mentality where the soldiers are more interested in surviving.

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