Idle Cannons- Merge & Tower Defense

Idle Cannons- Merge & Tower Defense

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  • - Required Android: 4.1 and up
  • - Installs: 1+
  • - Published/Updated Date: September 20, 2019


Meet a free and idle game that is about merge and tower defense! Attack, merge and defend your towers!

Idle Cannons is a most relaxing shooting idle fort game in which you merge cannons of the same level, upgrade your towers to break bricks and mow down endless invasion from outer space.

They say that good strategy wins wars. As waves of alien invasion are falling upon you, it’s time to merge and power up your weaponry now!

Strengthen your defense through turret fusion, and all of your upgraded cannons will automatically attack infinite bricks with stronger and fiercer power.

With Idle Cannons, you’ll embark on an addictive merge and tower defense journey. Merge cannons, fuse turrets and upgrade forts to break bricks and defeat countless alien invasion.

How to play Idle Cannons?
⚫Place cannons at designated area. Upgrade your tower defense by merging two cannons/turrets/forts of the same level.
⚫Upgraded cannons/turrets/forts automatically shoot descending bricks without a break, and those idle cannons will do all the tower defense work for you.
⚫Rank up to increase the firepower and fire rates of your merged towers to crush more bricks.

Merge: Idle Cannons is a merge and tower defense game which means users have to merge two forts of the same level to power up weaponry and strengthen defense. Only in this way can merged turrets break outpouring army of bricks.

Idle: After you finish merging and upgrading turrets, you’re all set. Those merged forts will take care of the rest tower defense work and automatically shoot to break bricks. You earn coins while your cannons shoot down descending enemies and break bricks. Your earnings continue to grow even if you’re offline.

Tower Defense: Strategically deploy your cannons, timely upgrade your turrets or choose to auto merge towers. When you upgrade your cannons, their firepower will be simultaneously upgraded to shoot down more incoming bricks from outer space.

Break Bricks:Idle Cannons provides a variety of bricks for you to shoot down. Destroying bricks with numbers lets you earn coins, eliminating a brick with lightening generates a chain effect, and shooting down a brick with frost freezes the whole descending bricks.

Idle Cannons provides an idle gameplay that only requires merge and defense. As relentless brick invaders are coming, upgrade and merge cannons to beef up your tower defense. Install Idle Cannons for free! Deploy your turrets and let them shoot down space invaders and break endless alien bricks.

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