Idle Farmyard - Farming Tycoon game

Idle Farmyard - Farming Tycoon game

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Welcome to Idle Farmyard , How would you manage a millionaire farming empire? Automate your farm’s success!

Join in on the action!
Manage your gold and automate your farm’s success in this amazing new idle game!

Take on the challenge and discover the best strategy to automate your farm's productivity! There are so many different ways to manage your gold, and it’s all up to you.

Expand from a single chicken, all the way to an amazing automated success for you, and your farmers!

As a new farming tycoon, you’ll be able to afford more animals for your empire, like cows! Then you’ll need farmers to process their produce. Upgrade them to increase the efficiency of your farm.

As you progress your farming simulation, the world around you will develop. You’ll become responsible for your farm animals, whatever the season! Come winter or summer, your animals will need you as you prestige and become a millionaire farming tycoon!

Continue generating gold in the next season - you start over, but with more experience to boost you on your way to success! In your new environment, the farm will produce way more gold, so you can grow even faster!

Experience different environments every prestige! Admire nature’s changes as you collect, tap, and reinvest your gold!

Every time your return to your farmyard, you’ll be greeted with more idle gold to fuel your farming empire! It’s up to your management to decide where to improve next! Will you improve your farmer's speed, or maybe expand the warehouse?

All the produce goes to the warehouse, where it waits to be picked up by different trucks. It’s not all automated though! You’ll need to spend some profits on upgrading the warehouse and to manage all the stations before then!

As a farmyard tycoon...
✔MANAGE your animals and improve the worker's productivity.
✔GROW your farming empire as you purchase more animals and automate your way to riches!
✔PLAY WHEREVER: Earn gold offline or online with cloud saves.
✔AUTOMATE your farm into an amazing empire that earns millions.
✔PRESTIGE to the next season and watch your animals produce crazy amounts of income!
✔HAVE FUN improving your farm, or coloring your sheep!
✔DEVELOP your millionaire farming empire simulation!

Please Note: The game uses cloud saves when signed into Google Play.

WARNING: Playing on multiple devices when signed in to the same Google Play account could cause save conflicts, leading to save data being overwritten. To disable cloud saves you’ll need to sign out of Google Play in the settings menu.

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