Into The Dusk: Reborn

Into The Dusk: Reborn

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  • - Published/Updated Date: May 7, 2020



Into the Dusk is a pixel art styled role-playing game developed by Galegames. Mixing the depth of its detailed and lively gameworld with fast-paced, chaotic gameplay.

It takes place within a land of the twilight fulfilled with stories and mysteries.

Different competing factions, composed of a selection of races and classes, battle each other and the enemies who emerge from dynamic time rifts cracked from the lands.

While the term pixel art is often used synonymously with retro, but things are a little different here. The game isn’t retro at all.

Into the Dusk comes with a lot of whole new features, making it a quite unique pixel art role-playing game.

It plays similar to incremental games with more selections and possibilities. Basically, you quest, slay monsters, dive dungeons, upgrade gears, summon heroes, obtain keys, go on hunts, collect collectible items, and all sorts of findable whatnot, it’s more about game mechanics. You just need to find out what works well together and make your own playstyle!

The vertical progression plus an amazing card slide up combat system, making it a decent mix of auto-fight Idle RPG and normal TCG game. Currently, there are 4 main chapters (there will be more added later on) comes with 3 difficulty levels, 5 classes, and 26 heroes for you to choose from, each of them has completely different abilities to ensure the possibility of more team strategies and combinations. Dozens of modes, quests, achievements, global ranks, and PvP elements available in the game, whether you are a PvE dungeon crawler or a hardcore PvP lover, you can always find the new challenges here.

Main Features:
-Vertical progression
-2D Pixel art retro style RPG
-Various creatures and enemies
-A lot of Items to search, collect and trade
-Meet the people of this world
-4 Chapters in 3 difficulty levels
-Multiple PvE and PvP modes
-Global ranks and seasonal arena
-Deep lore and stories to discover


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