Larva Flood

Larva Flood

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  • - Required Android: 4.4 and up
  • - Installs: 10+
  • - Published/Updated Date: March 19, 2021


There was a storm and a heavy rain poured in and flooded the sewer

Try the delicious sausage and hamburger donuts falling from the right and left.
You can eat it by touching the left and right at the right time.
The peppers are too spicy, and the lemons are sour, so don't eat them.

If you miss out on delicious food, the Navy eats it, and the water gets colder.

But don't worry.
If you eat candy that can be eaten in Fever Mode, the water will decrease.

Compare with your friends how much more you can eat.

▶ How to play
Eat the food by pressing the buttons on the left and right of the screen according to the timing of the food coming down.
If you do it in vain, your score will be reduced.
Eating chili lemon will stun for a while.
When food falls into the water, the water fills up.
If you eat food without making mistakes in a row, the combo gauge will go up and you will get more points.
The fever gauge builds up every time you eat. When food falls into water, the fever gauge goes down.
When you enter Fever Mode, candy that gives you a high score appears. Eating candy reduces water.
When the water reaches the end, the game is over.

▶ Privacy Policy

[Required access rights]

[Optional access rights]

* Unnecessary rights and functions through the function to revoke the access rights of the terminal
You can deny access.
* If you are using an Android OS below 6.0, you can grant access individually
You can't. In this case, make sure you can upgrade your operating system to 6.0 or higher.
To allow the permission, you need to reinstall the app after upgrading.
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