Last Camp Defense (KR)

Last Camp Defense (KR)

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  • - Required Android: 4.4 and up
  • - Installs: 100+
  • - Published/Updated Date: December 18, 2020



Good morning. This is Free Dust.
Stay up all night with Hot Six and finally launch.
It’s very strange… I’m just excited… .[Be calm... .]

Last Camp Defense is a game of protecting fire from darkness.
Darkness has already covered half of the world, and humans are in a situation where they are no longer one or two.
Fortunately, a few unique heroes who took this as an opportunity appeared and started helping humans.
You just need to be with that hero and protect the poor fire of life.

Is it cliche?
However, we aimed at making the game this time. It is to create our own defense. So, I feel that it will be somewhat different or unfamiliar to the image I thought when playing.
However, we firmly believe that it will provide you with that much personality and fresh fun.

If you can write down some of the advantages of our game,
#A cute and unique hero character with hot six added by an art person
#A charge-free system that the developer does not like charging stress, so it is all subtracted

In addition, we have hidden devices everywhere that users can take care of and have fun.

We hope that the fun of the defense game we liked and enjoyed will be delivered to you through "Last Camp Defense".

We will try to be a good developer with you.
Thanks for reading the long article, and see you in [Last Camp Defense]~!

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