last cloudia (kr)

last cloudia (kr)

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  • - Required Android: 5.0 and up
  • - Installs: 10,000+
  • - Published/Updated Date: Nov 11, 2022



A world where humans and monsters coexist - 「Grangelia」. The land was once ruled by Logsius, the god of destruction. However, the god of destruction was sealed by the hero Adil and the goddess Liraha.

For hundreds of years after that, the descendants of the heroes enjoyed a peaceful era as they established the Oldana Empire and unified the world.
Meanwhile, mysterious beasts appeared and began to inflict disaster. Prosecutors Kyle and the Magician Ray, who belonged to the 12th Knights Corps, started training to defeat the Demonic Beast. But they would never have known... that this meant the start of a world war!

- Game Features -
[Innovation of Dot Graphics - Gorgeous Real-Time Battle]
We invite adventurers to a gorgeous 3D battlefield with lively 2D dot characters!

[Dynamic Skills and Brilliant Action - Exciting Battle Screen]
Automatic/manual mode switching is possible at any time! Destroy the battlefield with dynamic skills!

[The strongest arc skill - my own special arc tactic]
Original arc system. A combination of arcs that transcends limits! Create your own extreme tactics!

[Living units - live 2D graphics]
High-level unit graphics! Meet the colorful and attractive unit at Last Claudia!

[Perfectly moving story - A more solid direction than a movie]
A 'solid story' that cannot be left out when it comes to Last Claudia. An immersive training journey with heartwarming BGM awaits adventurers!

[Extensive play encompassing the worldview - endless content]
A variety of content, mini-games, and sub-quests that you will never get tired of playing are waiting for you!

[A world where humans and demons coexist - Granzelia's Peace Restoration Expedition]
Join Kyle and Ray on an expedition! You can get colorful stories and generous expedition rewards.

~~ Notice ~~
※This game corresponds to the price for 12-year-olds of the Game Management Committee.
※This game may have minor sexual content and violent screens, and characters in the game may wear clothes that reveal sexual characteristics. However, we would like to inform you that the content does not imply sexuality.
※ Excessive use of games may interfere with normal daily life.
※A separate fee is charged for partial content in this game.
※ If you are a minor, we recommend that you use the service of this game with the consent of your parent or legal representative.