Last Faith (CN)

Last Faith (CN)

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  • - Published/Updated Date: December 7, 2018


Taifo heart! Save a dime directly to help you upgrade your VIP honorable users! Massive diamonds are sent and sent, standing in a daze can receive 10 times feedback, cool fashion, domineering mounts, all kinds of welfare resources can not finish every day, let you go to the king's peak road!

[Unique equipment appearance system, upgrade to advanced cool style! 】
With the upgrade of the character level, it will further unlock the new bright appearance, give higher quality equipment enhancement ability, and simultaneously enhance various attributes such as defense, attack, crit, and help you to show your strength and height from the inside out. Flashing people's eyes!

[The real free trading market, the best gods can be sold! 】
The revolutionary market trading system breaks the limit of traditional equipment props binding, and the equipment items obtained by BOSS drop or mission can be freely traded. Up to the best costumes, down to special props, you can build a family by working hard with your hands!

[360-degree full-screen open view, large map free to explore! 】
Full 3D high-definition aesthetic epic scene, equipped with free telescopic adjustment angle function, extremely realistic and meticulous snoring action and combat skills, personal experience of the real sense of presence, perfect for the magical world of blood!

[Relive the classic red name spray, liberate the desire to stimulate! 】
Players can switch PK mode in any area and fight with users at any time. Completely re-enact the classic "Red Man Mode", relive the classic red name spray, kill the red name of the enemy and spray the skeleton, and liberate the desire to stimulate!

[Instant-line connection, cross-service 10,000 people PVP combat experience! 】
From heads-up to multiplayer melee, there are a variety of battle plans. Cross-service PVP, multiplayer arena, BOSS world war, guild warfare, the most immediate connection system, let you experience the bloody killing of a large-scale personal fight!

[Real sense of marriage and love dating, couple sweet and concentric fight! 】
Built-in 18 ways to help you quickly take off your order and go straight to the romantic red carpet! In addition to the marriage system, it also provides a small world of two people who can be quiet and active. It challenges the blushing heartbeat copy of love and interactive tasks. The love and the fighting power are simultaneously warming up, and the journey is never lonely and lonely!

————— Game story background —————
The Titans suffered the betrayal of Kronos, and after being captured by the throne, they were imprisoned in the corner of the gods, and the human race who lost the protection of the Titans was in a desperate moment. Humanity faced an unprecedented crisis of genocide, and faith gradually disappeared with the decline of the gods, but there are still some people who insist on faith and rise to save the imprisoned Titan.

In order to end the darkness, mankind finally came forward to fight for faith!
※ This software is classified according to the management method of the game software of the Republic of China: Supplement 15 ※
This game involves sex, violence, and the role of wearing a chest and hip clothing.
The content of this game has a picture of fighting, attacking, etc. that is not bloody or has a slight horror.
This game is free to use, and the game also provides the purchase of virtual game coins, items, and other paid services.
Please pay attention to the game time and avoid sinking games.

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