Last Pillar - infinite growth RPG

Last Pillar - infinite growth RPG

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  • - Required Android: 4.1 and up
  • - Installs: 10+
  • - Published/Updated Date: September 2, 2020



Last Pillar is about The story of a pilgrim climbing a pillar. Infinite growth RPG.

You are pilgrims. After a long adventure, you discover the 'last pillar' that has only Known as a legend.

The pillar is the huge axis that supports the world, but you, the ignorant, deem to pillar as just 'evil'.

What lurks in it?
A terrifying monster? Demon in legend? Or... a girl who wants to be liberated may be waiting for you.

As long as you are the 'protagonist', you will someday reach the 'end'. This is fate.

But, what choices do you make at that 'end'?

* The first game made by a Korean college student developer!
* Made with Game Maker Studio 2.
* There were a lot of questions about how to control! Sorry for not being able to add a separate tutorial... I'm attaching a brief explanation below!

-Left joystick: move
-Right joystick: attack
-Top left red bar: Current HP / Max HP
-Top left red bar: Current MP / Max MP
-Top left coin icon: gold number
-Upper left gray gem icon: number of faint cristals
-Box icon on the top right: Inventory window
-Three bars icon on the top right: Stat window
-Top right gear icon: Settings window

You can view detailed information by tapping an item while clicking the'magnifying glass' button in the inventory window.

'Drop' and'Trash' on the right side of the inventory window are functions to discard or remove items, so please be careful.

Click the'Armor' button to change the quick menu to the equipment slot. You can equip by dragging the equipment item in the inventory.

When you level up, you receive 3 stat points and distribute them to 4 types of stats to grow your character.

You can check the distribution of stat points and detailed character stats by opening the'stats window'.

The game supports save
function, but... I'm beginner programmer so it's not complete. Please note that game data may be corrupted due to unexpected termination!

Also, be sure to use 'normal save' once before auto save. Otherwise, the first column datafile will be overwritten...!

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