Leader: Tribal Invasion

Leader: Tribal Invasion

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  • - Required Android: 4.4 and up
  • - Installs: 10+
  • - Published/Updated Date: February 25, 2020



Play Leader: Tribal Invasion and Develop your settlement and fight enemies in a new medieval strategy!
Love fantasy and addictive MMO strategies?

Do you like to build bases, develop infrastructure, study various sciences and create powerful armies? Then our Leader: Tribal Invasion game is perfect for you!

Characteristics of MMO Leader: Tribal Invasion
In our application you will appreciate the best elements of strategy and medieval fantasy, you can conduct exciting online battles, win wars and build your own empire.

In “Leader: Tribal Invasion” you can:
1. Develop the infrastructure of their own civilization, study new sciences and create powerful armies.
2. To wage war with opponents using an attacking or defensive army. Hire an attacking army for each new battle again, go on the attack against the enemy all over again, or develop your own defensive army, which is restored after the battle and is ready to protect you 24/7.
3. Enjoy a vibrant game with RPG elements in a flexible gaming world. Our application has a special system that regulates game difficulty. Thanks to her, your fantasy world will be filled only with playing players.
4. Pump 12 heroes who are called to strengthen your personal army. Strengthen their abilities, discover strengths and level weaknesses. Pump up the level of the hero - his main characteristics of command, the talents of the hero - an individual set for everyone, the equipment of a fighter - look for and improve weapons, helmet, chest and bots.

Also in our game “Leader: Invasion of the Tribes” there are units that are divided into infantry, cavalry, shooters and magicians. Each type of unit has its own strengths and weaknesses that will give your game more excitement, an exciting plot and unpredictable moments.

Benefits of Leader: Tribal Invasion
In our application you will appreciate:
● A wide selection of heroes who will be involved in the game. 12 characters with unique characteristics will not let you get bored;
● colorful battles between opposing armies, lead your army on the attack or defend yourself against uninvited “guests”;
● powerful weapons and uniforms, select only the best equipment for your fighters;
● Vivid and colorful graphics, intuitive application interface and ease of play. Play, enjoy the process and do not get used to the program interface for a long time.

Download “Leader: Invasion of the Tribes” right now and make sure that this is the best fantasy RPG strategy game for your smartphone or tablet that you have ever tried!