Legend Hegemony APK

Legend Hegemony APK

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  • - Required Android: 6.0 and up
  • - Installs: 1+
  • - Published/Updated Date: April 21, 2020


The classic hot-blooded mobile game "Legend Hegemony APK" is struck!

Open the online siege of tens of thousands of people in the whole country, and the passionate battle will make the king dominate the industry!

Here, relive the classic Mafa continent, explore the legendary world of oriental magic, free choice of classic professional tactics, and the iron triangle to reproduce the heroic attack!

The game has open play methods such as summoning of pets, fighting BOSS explosive god costume, reincarnation god wing, siege of ten thousand people, etc., quickly arousing your youth memories!

Legend Hegemony APK retains the interactive essence of free game trading, cross-service warfare, guild warfare and other interactions.

The original taste has restored the classic gameplay, and a new copy of the Holy Beast such as the Holy Beast Palace is added.

The quality of this work has been fully upgraded, and the top Blu-ray scenes will allow you to get more courageous in this battle and create your own legendary route!

Classic retro version, passionate attack on sand PK.

Guild Wars boss, full-screen drop of god costume, no binding equipment, courtesy and massive rewards are waiting for you! Free trading endless wealth is waiting for you to create!

Legend Hegemony APK Features :
◆ Retro legend, classic upgrade
After more than ten years of glory, millions of guilds, millions of brothers, all respond to each other, and then fight against Shacheng!
The original re-enactment of the classic settings of the end game, the picture quality has been fully upgraded, the three tactics of the road, the treasure, the explosive, the bloody sand, and the rich and new challenges are waiting for you to sing your own war song!

◆ PK explosive equipment
Free team, passion PK, bloody red name, killing explosives, bloody stimulation!
Black Dragon Temple, dart escort, martial arts hegemony, Wangcheng competition ... Rich PvP gameplay, deep optimization of PK system, super smooth operation feel, ignite fingertip passion, join hands with brothers to dominate the world!

◆ Call of war pets, artifact blessing
War pets will accompany you to help you fight every PK. Massive pets with a variety of attributes and skills, have a powerful assistant in the game, one response, let you focus on each battle!

◆ Boss fighting, God filled the ground
The game has a unique BOSS system, team up with brothers to play BOSS, experience the super high explosion rate, the thrill of crazy harvest, so that you no longer worry about equipment and resources!
Rich and varied BOSS gameplay, experience the thrill of crazy brushing BOSS; PK will explode in a dazzling outfit, bringing you a familiar legendary experience!

◆ Domineering title, Divine Wing body protector
The powerful attributes and glorious glory are proof of the identity of the strong!
Pull the wind god wings, a combination of strength and shape! The title above the head, spread the god wings, become tall and handsome in one second, show off the audience, and be worshipped by all the people in the whole service!

◆ Thousands of people attack the city
Classically restore bloody siege gameplay, tens of thousands of people on the same screen bloody sand, built-in voice command barrier-free communication, one-click lock accurate killing, find the enemy to get the enemy first!
Let you return to that passionate youthful years and lead the brothers to sweep the thousand troops! Fight for hegemony in Sand City and Ten Thousand Imperial City with bloody battle, use unlimited PK to defend your glory!

◆ Passionate passion, free trading
In the spring of scattered people, super passionate treasure playing experience, the best equipment and advanced skills to fight monsters, free trading as you like.
Guilds, red envelopes and other diversified social games, you are not fighting alone!

◆ Cross-service battles, diverse gameplay
Cross-service six-world battlefield, human, god, demon, ghost, and six-world battle to create a different cross-service battlefield!

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