Legend of Heroes : Eternal Arena

Legend of Heroes : Eternal Arena

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  • - Required Android: 4.1 and up
  • - Installs: 10+
  • - Published/Updated Date: January 16, 2020


This ancient land is full of blood and rancidity. The devils hunt humans and convert them into demon. Watching the devastating tragedy, survivors formed a team to hunt demons and save other survivors. From then on, the heroes started an endless fighting with devils...

-3D Real-Time Micro-operation&Strategic RPG, combine classic MOBA operation (click to move) and automatic combat system. You can choose freely to become an operational master or just a labour-free player. NEVER PAY TO WIN!
-70+ heroes with different abilities, more than 100 gorgeous skills, and over 1,000 hero Lineups.
-Exquisite 3D characters and scenes, a strong sense of percussion, and gorgeous skill effects... All will bring you a cool immersive experience.

10s online Real-time matching, fast battle in 3 minutes, and competing with global players. Conquering the whole legend world!

Individual battle:
-Arena:Compete with global players anytime, anywhere.
-Honor Battlefield:Real-Time matching with global online players and win the highest honor by strength.
-Mine War:You can capture other players' resources after defeat them through “Plunder” or “Occupy”.

Team battle:
-World Boss:Working with worldwide players to challenge the super powerful devil. Win rare rewards!
-Guild war:Fight against other guilds with guild members and become the leaderboard.
-Guild Boss: Join a guild and kill the powerful guild bosses one by one with guild members.
-Real-time Colosseum:Match teammates and enemies online in real time, starting a 2V2 team battle NOW!

Nearly 30 main-line chapters, more than 400 well-designed stages. Build an epic hunting team right now!
-Adventure:Divided into common and elite, passing different dungeons, getting rewards of different value. A secret you should know, there are some hidden stages, will you find it?
-Material: You can obtain different props and resources required for hero growth by challenging the “guild raid”, ”hero trial”, “guild raid”, “devil’s treasure”, and “ancient relics”.

Hero Cultivation:
Training your hero through “Advanced”,“Boost”,“Skill”,“Talent” and “Artifact”, combining with multiple powerful lineups to build your super epic team!

When you AFK, choose the “Mercernary Camp”, your heroes will automatically fight and explore everywhere of the game world, and bring you rich loots.

The war is coming...Are you ready to start a legendary hero journey today? Download for FREE!

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